Sunday, October 16, 2011

CNN's Kosik: Protesters Are There For Bongos And Weed

While conservatives point to CNN as a bastion of the so-called "liberal media," the label seems rather strange judging from the pronouncements of reporter Alison Kosik. Media Matters points out the "insights" from this business correspondent. Here's her tweet on the purpose of the Occupy Wall Street movement:

Asked about the demands of the protesters, Kosik responded:

Kosik, however, didn't dismiss the problems of Wall Street traders; in their case, she said,"the traders that I talked to, they want protesters to understand they're getting hit hard in this economy as well." Watch:

Facing criticism about her journalistic objectivity, Kosik took down the tweet about the bongos and weed. CNN issued a statement: "Alison regrets the tweet and took it down." As of Sunday, the Oct. 1 tweet about whining is still up.

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