Sunday, October 23, 2011

Esther Lenett, 93, Puts Cantor And Corporate Cronies On Notice

This past summer, Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor put us on notice that the promises of Medicare and Social Security, paid through our tax dollars, won't be kept. Esther Lenett, 93, now puts Cantor and his corporate cronies on notice. She delivers the facts about Social Security and calls for the end of tax cuts for billionaires and corporate loopholes–and for Congress to keep the promise of Social Security. Listen to Esther, my hero of the week:


rvac106 said...

We are responsible for the gridlock in Washington, DC, and the massive takeover of Statehouses by the conservative right. We did not turn out to vote in the Midterm 2010 elections. We listened to the Main Stream Media, and the ubiquitous Right Wing propaganda machine, when they started saying immediately after the 2008 historic vote that the party in power ALWAYS loses big in the following midterm election. We took that to be the ‘common wisdom,’ and didn’t turn out our vote. They, (the R’s,) on the other hand, turned out their vote very successfully, and approximately 15 million (D) voters who went to the polls in 2008 stayed home in 2010, leaving us in this mess. I humbly recommend that we channel at least some of the Occupy movement in to organizing and sending groups into targeted neighborhoods with an eye to registering as many of the voters the R’s are conniving to suppress. What say you to that?
I am the 99%.

Jeff Tone said...

rvac106: I completely agree with you, especially in view of the Republicans' efforts toward voter suppression.