Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NYPD Occupy Park; Demands Unclear

Strange events indeed are afoot in New York. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who fancies himself a strong supporter of First Amendment rights, ordered the forceful eviction of peaceful protesters from Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park). Among those arrested under the aegis of this defender of free speech are journalists. Odder still, the park is now being occupied by the NYPD, who have not issued any demands. OWS reports:

The NYPD have been occupying Liberty Square since 1:00am Tuesday morning, with the brand new occupation now set to enter its second day in just a few short hours. But will anyone listen to them when their message is so incoherent?

"What are their demands?" asked social historian Patrick Bruner. "They have not articulated any platform. How do they expect to be taken seriously?"

Critics of the new occupation allege that meddling billionaire Michael Bloomberg is behind the movement. Others question the new occupiers' militant posture, concerned about the potential effects on the neighborhood.

"I suppose they have a right to express themselves," said local resident Han Shan. "But I'd prefer it if instead they occupied the space with the power of their arguments."


Michael The Molar Maven said...

I'd like to paraphrase one of the wisest people I know, my mother, who once told me that she became a better teacher when one of her students came for extra help in math, but was so lost he (or she) didn't know enough to ask a specific question. It is possible to know that there is a problem but be unable to articulate the specifics. A good public servant, just like a good teacher, should be able to sift through the ambiguities and formulate an agenda to be discussed. In reality, that is part of his or her job description.

Jeff Tone said...

You remind me of when I came in for extra help in chemistry! Anyway, the article I quoted was being satirical in stating that the NYPD's demands were unclear.