Sunday, November 20, 2011

Police Pepper Spray UC Davis Students At Peaceful Sit-In

This past Friday, Occupy activist students at the University of California, Davis, peacefully staging a sit-in were doused with pepper spray by UC Davis police in riot gear. The students were trying to protect their 25-tent encampment as the police attempted to clear it. Ten students were arrested and eleven were treated after being sprayed, including two who went to a hospital. The incident recalls the pepper spraying of women who posed no threat in New York. Afterwards, NYPD spokesman Paul J. Browne said, “individuals confronted officers.” This time, UC Davis Police Chief Annette Spicuzza told reporters, “The students had encircled the police officers.” Judge for yourself whether the students threatened the police or if, once again, we have an outrageous, unprovoked abuse of power:

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