Sunday, November 13, 2011

Republican Audience Applauds Waterboarding

I ask yet again: Does something ugly have to happen at every Republican debate? We've had the cheering of 234 executions under Perry; the assent to the notion that an uninsured individual should be left to die; the booing of a gay soldier serving in Iraq; the cheers for blaming the unemployed for their joblessness. Add to this list the recent applause for waterboarding. Herman Cain, after stating that he's against torture, tortuously asserted that waterboarding is merely an "enhanced interrogation technique." Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN) after affirming that she'd use waterboarding, stated that President Obama is "losing the war on terror," demonstrating her ignorance of major world events. While supporters of Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman approved their candidates' opposition to torture, there were all too many cheers in the GOP audience for waterboarding. Watch:

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