Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rick Perry’s Cornerstone Speech: “It Was Different”

Following some miserable performances, Rick Perry said that he may skip some of the remaining Republican debates. After a recent bizarre address at the Cornerstone Action Dinner in Manchester, NH, perhaps he should stop giving speeches as well. Granted, the video below highlights the strangest moments…but there were an awful lot of strange moments. Following the speech, Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas (R) said, “It was different.” Perry spokesman Mark Miner explained, “The governor is passionate about the issues he cares about.” I wondered if Perry were on something. The speech has made him a YouTube star, with over 687,000 views as of this writing. See what you think:


Jon R., editor of the Oracle said...

Jon Stewart said recently on the Daily Show that if Perry wasn't hammered while delivering this speech then he was probably hammered all other times we have seen him and this was his first sober appearance.

If this performance had been an SNL skit it would have been hilarious.

Can you imagine a speech like this being delivered from the oval office by a United States president? The rest of the world would probably advocate nuking us just to save the country from further embarrassment.

Jeff Tone said...

Actually, Jon, we've already had another Texas Republican president who was as articulate as Perry.

Michael The Molar Maven said...

The note above cautions commenters to be civil. I think I'll let Perry speak for himself because, after listening to this, it might be difficult to remain civil.