Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fischer: God Sent Hitchens To Hell Out Of Love

Right-wing religious fundamentalist Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association stated on his radio show that Christopher Hitchens, iconoclastic writer, public intellectual and atheist who passed away Thursday, can be assumed to be in hell. Further, Hitchens was sent there by a loving God who recognized that he does not want to be in heaven: “If Christopher Hitchens is in fact in hell, he’s there because God loves him... It would not be a loving thing to compel someone like Christopher Hitchens to spend the rest of eternity in a place that he hated.” So Hitchens, according to this view, is to suffer eternal torment out of love. This type of "logic" is characteristic of Fischer–and I have no doubt that Hitchens would have been highly amused by it. Watch:


Michael The Molar Maven said...

As my brother is fond of saying, "God made atheists too".

Jeff Tone said...

And pontificating buffoons, as Fischer demonstrates.