Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fred Karger Mocks Perry’s Anti-Gay Ad

Fred Karger, Republican presidential candidate and the first openly gay candidate of a major American political party, mocked Rick Perry’s anti-gay ad, entitled "Strong." (By the way, the music in Perry's ad comes from gay composer Aaron Copland.) Karger refers to Perry’s historically “disliked” ad (as of this writing, on YouTube it has 18,479 “likes” and 615,499 “dislikes”). Watch the ad, entitled "Rick Perry Ashamed":

Karger: I’m Rick Perry and I admit that I’m ashamed of making that ad about gays in the military and all. I guess I was just desperate because I am so low in the polls. Now my video is the most disliked video in YouTube history. I guess hate weakens America. And I want America to be strong. Rick Perry might not approve of this message, but I do. I’m Fred Karger.

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