Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gays Apologize To GOP Senator For Ruining Her Marriage

Former Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch (left) is among the Republicans who co-authored a Defense of Marriage bill declaring that only marriages between men and women are valid in the state. After the bill failed, Koch recognized that the institution of marriage had lost its sanctity and committed adultery with a staffer. Following criticism from her party, Koch recently apologized and resigned. John Medeiros of Minneapolis then issued "An Open Apology to Amy Koch on Behalf of All Gay and Lesbian Minnesotans." An excerpt from the letter:

On behalf of all gays and lesbians living in Minnesota, I would like to wholeheartedly apologize for our community's successful efforts to threaten your traditional marriage. We are ashamed of ourselves for causing you to have what the media refers to as an "illicit affair" with your staffer, and we also extend our deepest apologies to him and to his wife. These recent events have made it quite clear that our gay and lesbian tactics have gone too far, affecting even the most respectful of our society.

We apologize that our selfish requests to marry those we love have cheapened and degraded traditional marriage so much that we caused you to stray from your own holy union for something more cheap and tawdry. And we are doubly remorseful in knowing that many will see this as a form of sexual harassment of a subordinate.

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