Sunday, December 18, 2011

Walker Raises Half Of Funds Outside State, Including From Swift Boater

As Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) prepares his battle against the recall effort, he has raised three times more money than his opponents have, half from outside the state. Among such contributors are Bob Perry of Houston, chief financial backer of the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth,” which spread falsehoods about John Kerry’s wartime service in Vietnam. In contrast to Walker’s donations, the vast majority of donations to recall the union-busting governor have come from within the state. The recall movement has almost gathered almost all the signatures it needs to force another election. From the Wisconsin State Journal:

According to campaign finance documents released Thursday, Walker raised $5.1 million since July 2011. Much of that has come during the past month, a period in which the governor has been able to take advantage of a state law that allows him to raise unlimited funds. He has received more than 18,000 donations since Nov. 1.

...Meanwhile, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and the recall organization, United Wisconsin, have raised about $1.48 million: nearly $1.2 million by the party and about $300,000 by United Wisconsin. United Wisconsin said 88 percent of its donations came from in-state.

...But a breakdown of Walker's numbers show that almost half of his money is coming from out of state, $2.4 million of the total. In fact, in just two states — Texas and Illinois — Walker raised more than half as much money as his opponents raised in total.

..."In all our years of analysis, we have never seen a politician try to win a Wisconsin race with so much non-Wisconsin money," said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now executive director.

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