Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bryan Fischer Blames Bill Clinton For Oral Sex-Related Cancers

Right-wing religious fundamentalist Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association stated on his radio show that the cause for the rise in HPV cancers transmitted by oral sex is...Bill Clinton. Yup, it was Clinton who motivated "an entire generation of young people" to have oral sex. Watch:

Fischer: What he did with the intern, the kind of activity they engaged in…he told everybody, ‘Look, what we did, that’s not sex,’ and an entire generation of young people believed him and they imitated his example.... How is that virus spread? How does it get into the places where it can cause cancer in the neck and in the head? Well, because of people who practice the kind of activity that President Clinton practiced in the Oval Office and said ‘Look, it’s not really sex. It’s safe, no problems here,’ and now we’ve got this rash of cancers of the neck and the head among our 20-somethings. Why? Because they imitated the example of the individual who sat in the Oval Office. (h/t: Addicting Info, Right Wing Watch)


Michael The Molar Maven said...

Actually, it all depends on what "for" means.

Jeff Tone said...

First we have to figure out what "is" means.