Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fox Host Praises NH Town For Lack Of Black Panthers

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes praised Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, for exemplifying the best of the country’s electoral process. Among its virtues, there are no Black Panthers in the tiny, rural town; just "good American folks." Watch:

Starnes: I love this; this is what America is all about. Like you said, no hanging chads, we didn’t see any Black Panthers with baseball bats. These were good American folks going to do their patriotic duty and I think it’s fantastic; Dixville Notch is just a great little place. 

Starnes is referring to the report, endlessly hyped by the conservative media and especially Fox News, that the New Black Panthers intimidated voters in 2008 at a Philadelphia polling center and that the Obama administration dropped the case. Actually, it was the Bush administration that did so for lack of compelling evidence. Not that that would stop Starnes from speaking in race-based code. Regarding Dixville Notch, Talking Points Memo reports that there are no African-Americans living there.


Jon R, editor of the Oracle said...

Congratulations to Dixville Notch - no Black Panthers and President Barack Obama apparently carried Dixville Notch.

Only 9 people voted in Dixville Notch: Barack Obama received 3 votes.

Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman received 2 votes each. Ron Paul won one vote and so did Newt Gingrich.

Jeff Tone said...

Thanks for bringing Obama's victory there to my attention, Jon. Apparently it must have slipped the notice of the Fox host, preoccupied by the Black Panthers.

Michael The Molar Maven said...

Tell a lie often enough and, well you know the rest. Are you aware that not going to the dentist twice a year will lead to higher energy costs? Pass it on.

Jeff Tone said...

You've described–and applied–Fox's modus operandi.