Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gingrich Shifts On Adultery Questions In Presidential Politics

Newt Gingrich was outraged when John King of CNN brought up his ex-wife Marianne's claim that he sought an open marriage. While Gingrich disputes her account, he was indeed conducting an affair with his current wife Callista while calling for President Clinton's impeachment for adultery. Talking Points Memo revealed the extent of Gingrich’s hypocrisy by contrasting his talk about Clinton's failing the office of the presidency in 1988 with his current aversion to being questioned about adultery as a presidential candidate. Watch "Newt Then And Now":


Richard T said...

Commenting from the UK on your posting, I am stunned at how easily the media in the USA let both he and Romney get away with what they do. The British press would have ripped them to shreds for their evasiveness and hypocrisy. Do you want a loan of our reptiles for a few months?

Jeff Tone said...

Richard: Yes please, I'd take the loan! I've been to England three times and well remember the critical headlines from the news stands.