Saturday, January 7, 2012

Multi-Millionaire Romney Declines To Pay More Taxes

At a campaign stop in New Hampshire, a woman asked multi-millionaire Mitt Romney if he were willing to pay more in taxes to help the middle class. She heard, after all, that he has four houses. Romney corrected her: “Let’s see, well, I don’t have four houses, that’s number one…” He didn’t mention that he now only has three. Would Romney, who considers $10,000 chump change, part with any of his money? He declined:

“I can tell you this: the best way that I can help middle-income Americans is to become president of the United States – to cut taxes for middle-income Americans, which is what my proposal does, and to get jobs for middle- income Americans,” Romney said. “And if we get good jobs for middle-income Americans, then we’re going to be able to have people have more demand to hire people and wages will go up.” 

Romney continued: “I know that there are some who say, `Let’s just get more money from the higher-income people, let’s just tax them some more.’ And I understand that’s popular in a lot of people’s minds. But just don’t forget that old Margaret Thatcher line: ‘Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.’” 

Of course, no one is asking Romney and the rest of the one percent to give up all of their money, and he knows it. In addition, would Romney restore the same good middle class jobs that he helped destroy downsizing companies as part of the private equity firm Bain Capital? Regarding taxes, according to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center, middle-income Americans would get small tax cuts of 2.2 percent; taxes for the lower class would actually increase. Romney would give anyone earning more than $1 million–clearly including himself–a tax cut of 15 percent. Clearly the middle class is not his first priority.

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