Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gov. McDonnell: TSA Pat-Downs "Invasive," Mandatory Ultrasounds "Respectful"

The Virginia Senate adopted a bill in which women planning to have an abortion must have an ultrasound. Originally, the bill called specifically for a transvaginal ultrasound, but they backed down under the demands of Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell (left) following a national uproar. Regardless, seeking to make any ultrasound mandatory before an abortion is quite an invasive move by the party of “small government.” Republicans in Alabama, Idaho and Pennsylvania are also seeking mandatory ultrasound bills.

Interestingly, in Nov. 2010 McDonnell said that the Transportation Security Administration’s airport body scans and pat-downs are “probably over the line” in terms of “people’s concerns about their privacy.” In a radio show on Tuesday, McDonnell maintained his objections to the TSA practices while defending mandatory ultrasounds. Asked whether he contradicts himself, McDonnell stated that it’s all a matter of providing woman with “necessary information”:

McDonnell: There are things that are required in the interest of public safety, like TSA procedures. There are ways to accomplish the same result without an invasive patdown...

I believe this is something that respects the dignity of women by making sure they have necessary information.


rewinn said...

If "Respect" means nonconsensual assault, I would hate to see what "Disrespect" means!

Jeff Tone said...

rewinn, The definition of "small government" is also up for grabs!