Monday, March 12, 2012

Alabama, Mississippi Republicans: Obama Muslim, Evolution False, Limbaugh OK

A Public Policy Institute survey of Mississippi and Alabama Republicans found that at least a plurality in both states believes that President Obama is a Muslim, evolution is false and Rush Limbaugh is admirable:

A stunning 52% of Mississippi respondents to a survey done ahead of Tuesday’s presidential primary have bought into the false notion that Obama worships Allah, Public Policy Polling reported Monday. Some 36% said they weren’t sure.

In Alabama, 45% responded in the affirmative when asked the same question and 41% said they weren’t sure, pollsters found.

...Mississippi and Alabama are also deeply religious states that generally rank at or close to the bottom in most state education rankings.

Sixty-six percent of Mississippians surveyed by PPP said they didn’t believe in evolution as did 60% of people in Alabama, the pollsters found.

And in these states, Rush Limbaugh is an admired figure, with 53% of those polled admitting to having a favorable opinion of the right wing rabblerouser. The figure was 51% in Mississippi.

The survey was done over the weekend as Limbaugh continued to be hit by criticism for calling a Georgetown University law student a “slut” on the air.


Virginia said...

Simply amazing! I can understand (somewhat )their non-believe in evolution..the other two just boggle my mind.

Jeff Tone said...

I'm amazed at all three. To not even admit that evolution is possible a century after Darwin propounded it boggles my mind too.

Michael The Molar Maven said...

The truth is that, after reading this, I'm not sure if I believe in evolution anymore either. There seems to be some of our species who are headed in the wrong direction.

On the subject of evolution and a little less cynical at that: perhaps modern science and medicine have been effective at slowing down the process in that we are now able to keep the "weaker" of our species alive longer to procreate. In the past the less strong would die off before reproducing, thus eliminating the weaker genes. Intellectually, studies such as this may just prove my point. Food for thought.

Jeff Tone said...

The poll does seem to back up your hypothesis.