Thursday, March 8, 2012

Female Georgia Senators Walk Out On Anti-Abortion, Contraception BIlls

Today, International Women’s Day, was a fine day for eight female Democratic senators to walk out of the Georgia Senate in protest against the Republican male majority’s passing two objectionable bills. According to the AP, one prohibits “state employees from using state health benefits to pay for abortions,” while the other states that “employees of private religious institutions have no right to demand that their insurance policies pay for contraceptives, as the Obama administration wants to require.“ In 1999, the state passed legislation requiring insurance companies to cover contraception. Sen. Nan Orrock (D) said, "It's a good law. Never had a problem with it. But here come the right wing shock troops, marching, marching, marching. And women are on the bullseye target." Watch the senators take a principled stand:

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