Saturday, March 3, 2012

Romney Flip Flops Within An Hour On Blunt Amendment

The Senate defeated the ill-conceived amendment put forward by Senator Roy Blunt, Republican of Missouri, allowing employers and insurance companies to deny birth control and other forms of health coverage due to religious and moral objections. The bill could also have affected cervical-cancer vaccines, prenatal sonograms, HIV screenings and mammograms. A New York Times editorial stated that the bill was part of the Republican effort to “undermine the separation of church and state, deny women access to essential health services and tear apart President Obama’s health care reform law.”

True to form, Mitt Romney first said that he was against the Blunt Amendment, but within an hour, his campaign issued a statement stating that he “misunderstood” a clearly asked question and was for it. No doubt his advisers warned that right wingers would look askance at his position. Once again, Romney showed that he has no principles other than to get elected. Watch as Lawrence O’Donnell and Melissa Harris-Perry listen to statements from Romney and his campaign and consider the candidate's latest rapid reversal:

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