Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sen. Scofield: Women Can Choose The Type Of Mandatory Ultrasound

Like Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia, Republican Sen. Clay Scofield of Alabama (left) has “compromised” in his sponsorship of a state bill that would require a woman to have an ultrasound before an abortion. Scofield tries to sound as if he respects women's choices while advocating this unnecessary, intrusive procedure. He dropped the insistence on a mandatory transvaginal ultrasound following protests by Democrats that that amounted to “state-sponsored rape." Now Scofield states that a woman should decide the “method of ultrasound she would be more comfortable with.” He also contends, “We’re not requiring it unless the woman wants to get an abortion. If she doesn’t want to get an abortion, she doesn’t have to do it.” The bill does not provide exceptions for rape or incest.

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