Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fox's Gutfeld: NOW Irrelevant Because Of Women's Right To Shop

Fox's "The Five" presented a double dose of sexism on Friday. First, Eric Bolling appeared in near ecstasy due to a rare opportunity to expose the "left-wing, their motives, their agenda and their real plan for America." He referred to the National Organization for Women (NOW), which has a "pro-abortion agenda and is willing to do just about anything to silence conservatives who get in their way. Case in point: NOW's national smear campaign against Rush Limbaugh." Of course, the criticism of Limbaugh was not based on his stance on abortion per se, but his own despicable smearing of Sandra Fluke. Then Greg Gutfeld stated that NOW  is "not as relevant...because women have all the rights...they can shop." Watch:

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