Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gov. Walker Signs Repeal Of Equal Pay Law

Every woman in Wisconsin should remember this during the recall vote on June 5: Gov. Scott Walker (R) does not believe in equal pay protection for you. The union-busting governor signed a repeal of the state's Equal Pay Enforcement Act, which increased the time people can file employment discrimination suits and enabled them to file outside federal courts:

...The Equal Pay Enforcement Act was passed in 2009 and gave workers avenues to pursue complaints about pay discrimination in the workplace and press charges where necessary. The law conferred upon workers the ability to pursue their cases in circuit court rather than the federal court system, which is costlier and less accessible to average citizens. It also expanded the window in which complainants are allowed to file their complaints relative to the time when they worked under discriminatory conditions.

...The Republican dominated state Senate passed SB 202 in November of 2011, which repealed the Equal Pay Enforcement Act, followed by the State Assembly in February. Both votes passed along party lines in the currently Republican-led state bodies.

The governor quietly signed the bill into law ahead of its 5 p.m. Thursday deadline. The law is known as Act 219.

...Business associations lobbied heavily to overturn the 2009 Act, including Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce and the Wisconsin Restaurant Association. It is estimated that for every dollar earned by men in the state of Wisconsin, women earn 75 cents, two cents less than the national average, according to the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health.

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