Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Talk Shows: Cavalcade Of Republican White Men

Planning on watching the Sunday morning talk shows? Expect to see that notorious "liberal media bias"? Please. Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) has produced a detailed study showing that over the last eight months, the guest lists have been dominated by Republican white men–and that this period is part of a longtime trend. According to FAIR, the shows amount to "GOP TV." Excerpts from "Right and Early":

...Single-source interviews are the showcase segments on the Sunday shows, which tend to compete for access to guests they consider the top newsmakers—which, in the world of Beltway media, usually means politicians. In the eight-month study period, partisan-affiliated one-on-one interviews were 70 percent Republican—166 guests to Democrats’ 70.

...Men overwhelmingly dominated one-on-one interviews, at 86 percent: 228 male guests compared to 36 women. Meet the Press featured the fewest women, with just six female interviewees—three of whom were Rep. Michele Bachmann (R.-Minn.), the presidential candidate.

Guests were also also ethnically homogeneous, with 242 white interview guests (92 percent of the total), 15 African-Americans (seven of whom were Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain), four Arabs or Arab-Americans, and three Latinos.

...the roundtable debate format could at least give these programs a chance to bring in more diverse voices. But these segments are hard to distinguish from the lopsided interview segments.

...As FAIR has argued (Extra!, 9–10/01), it’s likely that the politically connected corporations who sponsor these shows prefer a center/right spectrum of debate that mostly leaves out strong progressive voices who might raise a critique of corporate power.

(Image: Think Progress)

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