Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ed Schultz Examines Gov. Walker's Disastrous Jobs Record

Ed Schultz is amazed that Gov. Scott Walker (R) of Wisconsin continues to slam Gov. Pat Quinn (D) of Illinois. Walker, a union-busting, Koch brothers ally, has nothing to brag about; the Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that Wisconsin was last in the nation in job creation in 2011, while Illinois added thousands of jobs. Walker's excuse: "Job creators" feel insecure not knowing whether he’ll win the recall vote on June 5th. Once he prevails, the jobs will return. Actually, Walker’s handling of the economy has emerged as an election issue. Schultz is joined by Ruth Conniff of the Progressive Magazine, who cites the damage Walker’s done to the state's economy through deep cuts to job training, education and health care paired with huge tax breaks for corporations. Watch:

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