Friday, May 11, 2012

House Republicans Place Guns Over Butter

Seeking to prevent a 10 percent cut in the military budget, House Republicans passed legislation calling instead for massive cuts to programs that help the poor and the middle class. The military cuts that the GOP aims at stopping are among the upcoming automatic cuts following last year's deficit reduction supercommittee's inability to reach agreement. According to the Republicans, budgetary waste resides wholly in domestic programs, not in the military. They did not consider raising taxes on the wealthy or corporations:

Fully 25 percent of the cuts come from programs that benefit the poor, while cuts to President Barack Obama's health care plan also affect those with modest incomes, prevention funding, and efforts by states to set up insurance exchanges. A cut to the Social Services Block Grants, which Republicans say duplicates other programs, would hit programs like Meals on Wheels for the elderly, child care and child abuse prevention. Another provision opposed by most Democrats would deny illegal immigrants tax refunds from the $1,000-per-child tax credit -- even though most of the children in question are U.S. citizens.

"They are protecting the massive Pentagon budget with all its waste ... and finding even deeper cuts in programs that benefit the people of this country," said liberal Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass. "This bill before us would create a government where there is no conscience; where the wealthy and well-connected are protected and enriched -- and the middle class, the poor, and the vulnerable are essentially forgotten."

But Republicans noted that much of the food stamp savings came from tightening eligibility loopholes and that the savings equal just 4 percent of the program's budget. Democrats noted that the cuts would also take away free school lunches for 280,000 children.


Virginia said...

This just burns me up..I am so ticked..The Budget Control Act was an equitable division of cuts between defense and social programs..this new introduction of legislation is reneging on this Act. The NDAA was over 600 pages long last year...Why is no one introducing legislation to remove the Detainee Matters in last years NDAA bill. When I think the Republicans cannot possibly do any more damage and lie, they come up with this! Their hypocrisy and arrogance is out of control and it is harming this country immensely. The waste of our taxes using private contractors needs to be investigated vigorously. Private military contractors already owe over a billion dollars in taxes and were charged a 3% surcharge to recoup those taxes. This surcharge was eliminated last year to negotiate/compromise on the jobs bill (not sure which piece of legislation). The Department of Defense has not had an accounting of their budget for many years and have until next year to produce this accounting of what taxes they receive and how it is spent. How dare they introduce this piece of legislation. We are getting out of the wars and need to use the savings to assist our nation with getting out of the recession. The U.S. citizen has suffered enough...we gave our children to improve other nations lives. IT IS TIME TO PAY US BACK.

Jeff Tone said...

Virginia, the GOP does indeed seem to have forgotten the fine details you mention. I hope that the American citizens remember them.