Saturday, May 26, 2012

Missouri Taxpayers Pay $1,100 To Protect Rush Bust

Is Rush Limbaugh fine with taxpayers paying $1,100 for a security camera to protect his bronze bust in the Missouri House? Shouldn't Rush (shown at the induction ceremony with Republican Missouri House Speaker Steve Tilley) criticize that as unnecessary government spending? If I lived in Missouri, I'd rather the money be used for health care or education–the kind of spending that Limbaugh reviles as wasteful. From the AP:

...House Clerk Adam Crumbliss said Thursday that he authorized the camera because of concerns that the Limbaugh bust might be vandalized.

Limbaugh was inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians last week during a closed-door ceremony intended to keep away protesters. His bust went on public display at the state Capitol after lawmakers ended their annual session last Friday.

The Hall of Famous Missourians features dozens of busts of people such as President Harry Truman, Walt Disney and former Cardinals baseball star Stan Musial. But Limbaugh's bust is the only one with a camera specifically pointed at it.

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Patrick Odea said...

I think if Rush wants that secured, why can't he afford some form of door supervisors Bristol or security cameras himself? Why have the taxpayers pay it? That's just absurd to the core! I agree that it should better be allotted for healthcare or education for that matter.