Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pat Robertson Tells Viewer To Destroy Buddha Statue

In 2001, the Taliban destroyed two monumental statues of the Buddha carved on the side of a cliff in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. This destruction of two of humanity's cultural treasures caused an international uproar; fortunately, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the International Council on Monuments and Sites are rebuilding the statues. Pat Robertson, however, sides with the destroyers. He advised a viewer to destroy her friend's statue of the Buddha. Can Robertson make it any clearer that the right-wing religious fundamentalists here are America's version of the Taliban? Watch, via Right Wing Watch:

CALLER: My friend who is a Christian has a Buddha statue next to her Christian ones. Is that OK?

ROBERTSON: No, it's not. Take it out and break it. Break it! Destroy it.


Morgan said...

I think if I had a friend destroy my property because they deemed it unchristian, we'd have a court date to meet.

Jeff Tone said...

Morgan: Pat seems to have forgotten "Thou shalt not steal."