Thursday, June 28, 2012

10 Benefits Of Health Reform That Affect Every American

I expected the Supreme Court to strike down the Affordable Care Act, completing a series of disgraceful decisions that include Bush v. Gore and Citizens United. Who would have thought that it would not only be upheld, but that the deciding factor would be Chief Justice John Roberts? Naturally Romney has vowed to repeal the same type of law he signed in Massachusetts, and the political battles will continue. The Affordable Care Act is not perfect; I wanted a public option and, ultimately, believe in Medicare for all. But it is still a major achievement, and it is up to the Obama administration to do a better job explaining its benefits as November nears. Prior to the Supreme Court's decision, Think Progress listed 10 such benefits (below are the headings; read more here):

1) Access to health insurance for 30 million Americans and lower premiums.
2) The ability of businesses and individuals to purchase comprehensive coverage from a regulated marketplace.
3) Insurers’ inability to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions.
4) Tax credits for small businesses that offer insurance.
5) Assistance for businesses that provide health benefits to early retirees.
6) Affordable health care for lower-income Americans.
7) Investments in women’s health.
8) Young adults’ ability to stay on their parents’ health care plans.
9) Discounts for seniors on brand-name drugs.
10) Temporary coverage for the sickest Americans.

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