Thursday, June 21, 2012

AZ GOP Chair On Radio Show, Says Nothing As Host Calls Obama "Monkey"

On Tuesday I wrote about Arizona radio host Barbara Espinosa, who called President Obama "a monkey" and stated, "I voted for the white guy." It turns out that the story goes beyond the words of one ignorant, racist radio host. It also concerns the lack of words from the chair of the Arizona Republican Party, Tom Morrissey (left). He had called into the show and remained on the line when Espinosa made her comments. He said nothing. Another caller criticized Espinosa at length, yet Morrissey remained silent. The Republican chair finally spoke after several minutes, but not about the "monkey" comment. He said that support for Obama was "a national sickness":

The thing here with these folks that vote for and support Barack Obama, there’s a reason for that, they’re getting something out of it. Those of us — and I believe this and it’s bias — those of us that do not support Barack Obama and act upon our love of country are motivated by that. That’s why I say we’re patriots. I believe he is as wrong as wrong can be, and I hope that there’s enough people that think like we do — this group — so that we can defeat what I call, it’s like a national sickness.


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