Sunday, June 24, 2012

David Koch To Host $50,000-Per-Person Dinner For Romney

Charles and David Koch are the billionaire oil magnates who use their inherited wealth to support right-wing causes, as documented in Jane Mayer’s must-read New Yorker article "Covert Operations" and Brave New Films' "The Koch Brothers Exposed." Aware that Romney wants to give a  tax cut  to the one percent–including the Kochs and Romney–and a tax increase to the poor, the Kochs are making a big investment in Romney. David Koch is holding a fundraiser at his Southampton, NY, home on July 8 for $50,000 per person. Couples can enjoy a savings rate of $75,000. Here's the invitation, via Buzzfeed:

Here's David Koch's home in Southampton, valued over $22 million:

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