Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gas Prices Falling. Will Fox Credit Obama?

USA Today reports that gas prices are "down 47¢ from last year's high in April and well below the $5-a-gallon fears fanned earlier this year..." Further, they might hit $3 by autumn. Back when gas prices rose, Fox News hammered Obama; the Fox banner at left asks, "Will High Gas Prices Cost Your Kids Their Education?" So will Fox now praise Obama for lower prices? Hardly.

During the Bush years, Fox pundits said, correctly, that gas prices are controlled by market forces, not the president, a fact they forgot during the past four years. In fact, when prices started to lower, Fox pundits not only didn't credit Obama, but they also called it a negative economic indicator. The Fox banner at left states, "Why Cheap Gas Isn't Good." Rest assured that if Romney wins, the "Fair and Balanced" network will attribute high gas prices to market forces and low gas prices to Republican policies.

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