Saturday, June 30, 2012

Waiting For Bill O'Reilly's Apology

Speaking to Caroline Fredrickson of the American Constitution Society, Bill O'Reilly told her with characteristic bluster that the Supreme Court would rule against the Affordable Care Act–and that if he were wrong, he promised to replay the clip and "apologize for being an idiot." Frederickson is still waiting for that apology. O'Reilly also ought to apologize for all the other Fox pundits who declared the bill unconstitutional. Watch O'Reilly deliver his pledge:


Michael The Molar Maven said...

Did O'Reilly ever apologize? Besides, even if it were a mandate, what is wrong with a mandate that prevents someone from dumping his or her medical bills on the remainder of the public? I have an idea that I think O'Reilly can support. Anyone can choose if he or she wants to buy medical insurance or not, but when in need of treatment, prove that you can afford it ... or suffer the consequences or neglect. As I've heard Glen Beck say, "you don't have to buy auto insurance; just don't own a car." So I say, you don't have to buy medical insurance; just don't use the health care system. Simple.

Jeff Tone said...

I believe O'Reilly gave a half-hearted apology.

Your proposal wouldn't work. No hospital will turn away a patient in dire need. Everyone will eventually need health care. It's time for those who don't contribute yet can afford it to pay their fair share.