Sunday, July 29, 2012

British Celebrate National Health Service At Olympics Ceremonies

The British celebrated their government-run, publicly funded National Health Service as part of the opening ceremonies at the Olympics. NBC's Brian Williams said, "Back in the states we're locked in this partisan debate over the future of health care. Here, they feel so strongly about their health care system they're actually celebrating it as part of the Olympics opening ceremonies." Co-host Meredith Viera commented, "These folks that you're seeing here, they really are doctors and nurses from the National Health Service, dedicated their lives to helping others, this has to be a great moment of pride for them to receive this kind of recognition before a worldwide audience."

Funny, I don't remember a tribute to America's privatized health care when the games were held in Salt Lake City in 2002. What would we have celebrated? The millions of uninsured? As you ponder that, watch the following:


Richard T said...

I have heard inane and instrusive commentary before but the pair on this excerpt are pretty much star quality material. Is this the sort of nonsense you guys in the states always have to put up with?

Jeff Tone said...

Richard, perhaps you'll think I'm so used to inanity that I don't know it when I hear it, but it seems to me that the announcers were accurately describing this part of the ceremony, i.e., the performers were celebrating the NHS in pride.