Saturday, July 28, 2012

Federal Appeals Court Upholds "Suicide Advisory" For Women Seeking Abortions

Among the laws seeking to discourage women from exercising their right to an abortion is a legal requirement in South Dakota, upheld by a federal appeals court, that a doctor tell a woman seeking an abortion that she is at increased risk of suicide:

...The appeals court said the suicide advisory is “non-misleading” and “relevant to the patient’s decision to have an abortion.”

..."On its face, the suicide advisory presents neither an undue burden on abortion rights nor a violation of physicians’ free speech rights," the decision said.

Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota took issue with the appeals court decision, saying it "allows the greatest intrusion by the government into the patient doctor relationship to date."

"The bottom line is that women don’t turn to politicians for advice about mammograms, prenatal care, or cancer treatments. Politicians should not be involved in a woman’s personal medical decisions about her pregnancy," Planned Parenthood said in a statement.

Leslee Unruh of the Alpha Center pregnancy counseling center in Sioux Falls, which seeks to persuade women not to seek abortions, called the decision a victory for South Dakota women.

Image: Signe Wilkinson, Philadelphia Daily News


Michael The Molar Maven said...

Talk about an insult to intelligence. Being a male, I, of course, have never had an abortion, but I'm fairly confident that I speak for all the women in my family when I say that they are capable of making whatever decision they believe is the right one for them without any input from any and all outsiders.

Jeff Tone said...

They especially don't need medical advice from politicians, including those who always talk about "small government."