Sunday, July 8, 2012

Paul Ryan: Repeal Health Reform Since Rights Come From God

Speaking to George Stephanopoulos of ABC, Paul Ryan said that the Affordable Care Act should be repealed because rights come from "nature and God," not government. First Victoria Kennedy, widow of Sen. Kennedy, told Stephanopoulos, “[Sen. Kennedy] believed that it was a moral issue, that it defined the character of who we were as a society, who we were as a country, and that decent quality, affordable health care should be a fundamental right and not a privilege.” To this Ryan pledged to repeal the entire law, falsely stated that the reform was a "government takeover" instead of a reform of private insurance and presented reasoning that any theocrat would love. Watch:

RYAN: I think this at the end of the day is a big philosophy difference. What Ms. Kennedy and others were saying is that this is a new government-granted right. We disagree with the notion that our rights come from government, that the government can now grant us and define our rights. Those are ours, those come from nature and God, according to the Declaration of Independence — a huge difference in philosophy.

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