Saturday, July 28, 2012

Paul Whitefield: "Think Obama's A Muslim? Then You're Too Stupid To Vote"

A recent Pew Research poll discovered that a substantial number of Americans, especially Republicans, believe Obama is a Muslim. While it shouldn't matter which, if any, religion the president follows, this finding prompted Paul Whitefield of the L.A. Times to make a proposal regarding voting rights: If you demand my voter I.D., I demand basic intelligence:

...if you were to show up at the polls in November, and the poll worker were to ask you “Is President Obama a Muslim or a Christian?” and you answered “Muslim,” then — bzzzzzt — you’d be automatically disqualified from voting, on the grounds you’re just too dumb.

My colleague Jim Rainey reported Friday on a Pew Research Center Forum on Religion and Public Life survey released Thursday showing that just 49% of Americans described the president as a Christian, while 17% said they believed he was Muslim.

And, though I hate to cast aspersions, this tidbit isn’t surprising: “While Pew found in October 2008 that 16% of Republicans (and the same percentage of conservative Republicans) called Obama a Muslim, the most recent survey found 30% of Republicans and 34% of conservative Republicans said it was so.”

...But if Republicans want me to produce a photo ID to prove I’m the same person who’s been voting for four decades, then Democrats have the right to demand some basic level of intelligence from the other side.


Michael The Molar Maven said...

I don't know if I'd go as far as to say that someone, anyone, is too dumb to vote. I believe in multiple universes and in the existence of black holes. I believe that every black hole is an entry point into a different universe. Does this make me too "far out" to vote? BTW, I do believe all that!

Jeff Tone said...

Not sure where you're going here...somewhere in the cosmos!