Friday, July 13, 2012

Robert Reich: 2012 Election Pits Regressives Vs. Progressives

Robert Reich, professor of public policy at UC Berkeley and secretary of labor under Clinton, explains that the 2012 election is a contest between regressive and progressive visions of America. The regressives stand for tax cuts for the wealthy and eliminating public services and the safety net; the use of divide and conquer tactics on the majority; the emphasis of private over public morality, and the defense of corporate personhood and money as speech. In contrast, progressives stand for the progressive income tax; Social Security; unemployment insurance; Medicare and Medicaid; civil, voting, and women's rights, and environmental, safety and economic regulations. Regarding the 2012 election, Reich concludes, "We must not allow the regressives to pull us backwards. The story of America is progressive." Watch:

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