Sunday, July 8, 2012

Woman Thanks Obama For Health Reform, Relates Sister’s Battle With Cancer

Speaking to Al Sharpton on MSNBC's Politics Nation, Stephanie Miller explains the story behind her hugging President Obama during a stop on a bus tour in Ohio. Miller told the president that the Affordable Care Act could have helped her sister, who couldn’t afford insurance and died of colon cancer. Her powerful testimony supports Sharpton’s statement, “With all the politics surrounding the health care law, we can’t lose sight of what’s it’s all about: helping real people.” Watch:

MILLER: I truly believe that if a bill like President Obama’s had been in effect five or ten years ago, my sister could have went to the doctor, she could have got preventative health care, they could have detected the colon cancer early. It’s one of the most curable cancers there is. She could still be here with her kids.

SHARPTON: What do you want to come from all of this attention?

MILLER: I want people to see what the lack of health care does to families in this country.

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