Saturday, August 25, 2012

For Ryan, Rape Is Another "Method Of Conception"

Sandra Fluke recently wrote that Paul Ryan's record on women's issues is "so far outside the mainstream that many find it unbelievable." Just how unbelievable was demonstrated in an interview in which Ryan was asked his views on Todd Akin and whether rape victims should be able to get abortions. Ryan, whose outlook on abortion and rape resembles Akin's, stated, “I’m very proud of my pro-life record, and I’ve always adopted the idea, the position that the method of conception doesn’t change the definition of life.” "Method of conception"? Quite a euphemism for rape. Watch:


Michael The Molar Maven said...

Although Todd Akin demonstrates his lack of knowledge with respect to the reproductive process rather effectively, I tend to give him a pass on the language he used. Just as President Obama could have saved himself a great deal of criticism if he had just added the word 'alone' to his "You didn't build it" comment, Akin's use of 'legitimate' was unfortunate. I know what he was trying to say and I will allow for that, even if I disagree with his conclusion. But if his objective was to point out the hipocrisy of the "except rape or incest" exemption for abortion, then he is absolutely correct. If you take a pro-life positon - I do not - then the method of conception is irrelevant. I refer you to Gail Collins column in the NY Times this past week:

She writes: "Akin said, 'The rapist, should be punished, but not “the child".' This is a perfectly consistent theological doctrine. If you believe that every fertilized egg is a human being, with the same sacred rights as a newborn baby, then, obviously, you are not going to want it to be aborted, no matter how it came into the world. Politicians who say they oppose all abortions are making perfect sense, except for the part where they try to impose their doctrinal beliefs on the vast majority of the country, which does not share that particular religious conviction. It’s the abortion-except-for-rape-and-incest position that doesn’t compute."

I say, liberals who invoke the "...even in cases or rape or incest" doctirne against candidates who oppose abortion, stand on shaky logical ground with their criticism.

Jeff Tone said...

It is the imposition of these beliefs on others, especially those who have suffered rape or incest, that is so reprehensible.