Thursday, August 23, 2012

Romney To Reporters: No Questions About Abortion Or Akin

Day by day, the Todd Akin story gets more interesting. First the Missouri Republican representative and senatorial candidate said that "legitimate rape" victims rarely get pregnant. Then he refused to step down from the race, defying calls from Republicans panicked over the fact that he openly reflects GOP extremism on abortion. Meanwhile, the religious right is rallying around Akin, a move that threatens a standoff with Republican leaders. Finally, Dr. John Willke, an anti-abortion campaigner who espouses Akin's crackpot theory, told the Daily Telegraph that he met with Mitt Romney, who told him, "we agree on almost everything." Romney, though, is trying to run from the entire mess. Today, CBS correspondent Shaun Boyd said that Romney had a certain condition for her and other Denver reporters: “The one stipulation to the interview was that I not ask him about abortion or Todd Akin.” Watch:

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