Sunday, August 5, 2012

Study: Conservative Talk Radio Promotes Echo Chamber Of Hate

A study from UCLA's Chicano Research Center finds that right wing talk radio promotes hatred toward minorities, with "messages targeting vulnerable groups." The study focused on the Rush Limbaugh Show, The Sean Hannity Show, The Glenn Beck Program, The Savage Nation and the John and Ken Show, stating, "The findings reveal that the hosts promoted an insular discourse that focused on, for example, anti-immigration, anti-Islam, and pro-Tea Party positions and that this discourse found repetition and amplification through social media." Within this echo chamber, "Fox News plays a notable role with regard to the centrality of program hosts and guests."

Reviewing the study, Media Matters commented, "Using hateful rhetoric, these hosts have cast immigrants as disease ridden, equated pro-immigrant organizations with neo-Nazis, called Islam an "evil religion," claimed the Obama administration is promoting "race riots" and made fun of the ethnicity of Asian-American politicians." Media Matters put together a series of clips exemplifying the hatred promoted on conservative talk radio. Listen:

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