Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Romney Victory Would Devastate Progressive Causes

A recent editorial in The Nation, "Re-Elect the President," makes clear the dire consequences of a Romney presidency. Liberals may have divergent opinions on President Obama's record and agenda; that debate will completely evaporate should Romney prevail. Far from promoting progressive causes, we will be entirely consumed with defending against a right-wing onslaught:

A victory for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November would validate the reactionary extremists who have captured the Republican Party. It would represent the triumph of social Darwinism, the religious right, corporate power and the big money donors who thrive in a new Gilded Age of inequality. It would strike a devastating blow to progressive values and movements, locking us in rear-guard actions on a range of issues—from the rights of women, minorities, immigrants and LGBT people to the preservation of social insurance programs and a progressive tax structure. Inside the Democratic Party, Obama’s defeat would embolden the Blue Dogs and New Dems, who have greased the party’s slide to the right. Whatever disappointments we have with Obama’s first term—and there are many—progressives have a profound interest in the popular rejection of the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Not to ruin your weekend, but another warning from The Nation on Romney appeared here in July.


Michael The Molar Maven said...

The Mitt Romney that debated President Obama two weeks ago would like you to believe otherwise. Which Romney do you believe?

Jeff Tone said...