Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden Delivers

The pressure was on Joe Biden to deliver a strong performance tonight after President Obama’s lackluster showing last week. That's exactly what he did.

Biden allowed no malarkey, a term he used to refer to several of Ryan's comments. He effectively questioned more wasteful tax cuts for the wealthy. He asserted that Romney’s tax plans are vague and his math doesn’t add up. He defended a woman’s right to choose and warned that Romney would appoint Supreme Court justices that could finally overturn Roe v. Wade. He attacked Ryan’s plans to turn Medicare into a voucher program. He twice mentioned Romney’s 47 percent comment, something Obama failed to do once. He reminded Ryan that he took advantage of Obama’s stimulus package for his state. He effectively argued for a firm deadline to leave Afghanistan.

Now the baton goes back to President Obama. He knows that he had a disappointing debate. Obama has to tout his administration’s achievements and tell the country why Romney will set this country on a backwards path. It’s up to the president to show the conviction and passion that his vice president displayed tonight.


Michael The Molar Maven said...

I was most impresed by Biden's willingness to point out that tax cuts don't necessarily translate to economic expansion. I would have preferred he not tried to emulate Lloyd Benson, with the Kennedy analogy, and stuck with the facts which back him completely. BTW, Biden's facial expressions were a completely appropriate means of saying, "There you go again". I thought Biden exposed the Romney/Ryan platform as vacuous; and he did it rather effectively.

Jeff Tone said...

I agree–and it's about time someone pointed out the fallacy of connecting tax cuts for the wealthy to "job creation."