Sunday, October 21, 2012

Frank Rich & Fran Lebowitz Consider The State of The Union

Writers and commentators Frank Rich and Fran Lebowitz concluded a multi-city tour last night at Town Hall in New York City. The two longtime friends sat in comfortable chairs on stage and considered the nation’s politics and culture before the presidential elections. In their repartee, the contemplative Rich seems to be the straight man to the acerbic Lebowitz, perhaps the wittiest individual in America.

Both considered the fact that President Obama, a moderate Democrat, has been vilified as a Marxist, jihadist and foreigner–and they identified racism as the core of this outlandish vitriol. Rich feels that Obama has missed an opportunity to set out a more extensive second-term vision; on the other hand, he considers Romney a fraud who, far from offering a vision, contradicts himself and panders incessantly. Lebowitz knocked the notion that Romney’s business experience, in which his sole goal was profit, qualifies him to be president. In that regard, a hedge-fund manager, stated Lebowitz, is Romney's idea of a small business person deserving a tax break. She also warned the audience that you can’t wait for others to realize that you’re right and your opponent is wrong–not “in the era of Kim Kardashian and Honey Boo Boo.” The evening left me wishing for more insightful and tart observations from this duo after the upcoming close election.


Michael The Molar Maven said...

On the other hand, Romney's business experience alone doesn't disqualify him for the presidency either. The idea of equating the United States with private, for profit, business, however, does. It shows a complete lack of understanding of the role of government in the economy and how government can use its resources to mitigate the effects of stagnation on those who can least weather recessions. Romney, and the republicans, lack proper compassion to consider the interests of 100% of his, and their, constituents. By my estimation, Romney understands and will represent approximately 53% of Americans. I wonder from where I got that figure.

Jeff Tone said...

Somehow I believe that if he were speaking to a private group of rich donors, Romney would bring up a similar figure.