Thursday, November 8, 2012

Two Huge, Positive Consequences Of The Obama Victory

Along with my happiness following the re-election of President Barack Obama is a tremendous sense of relief. There were many terrible consequences of a potential Romney victory. As the election neared, I became tremendously concerned about two of them. In the short run, Romney threatened to repeal the Affordable Care Act–legislation modeled after "Romneycare" in Massachusetts. Regardless, Romney pledged to visit destruction on President Obama's chief first-term accomplishment and all its benefits: keeping children on one's plan until age 26, the ending of "pre-existing conditions" provisos, millions more covered, investments in women's health care and more. Under President Obama, health care reform is now secure.

There was also the long-term concern: Supreme Court nominees. Though it wasn't mentioned much during campaign season, it is the most important, long-lasting domestic consideration. There are four members in their seventies on a court that often decides along 5-4 lines. We've already seen Supreme Court conservative judicial activism in the Citizens United case, which completed the corruption of our political system. Obama now has the opportunity to restore balance to the reactionary Roberts court. We know that he won't appoint anyone who shares Mitt Romney's goal of overturning Roe v. Wade.

Let's be thankful, then, that the majority of Americans made the right choice in rejecting the harmful policies of Mitt Romney and in re-electing President Barack Obama.

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