Monday, December 3, 2012

Buddhist Scholar: Norquist Pledge Is Treason

Robert Thurman, professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University, has recorded a video in which he states that Republican members of Congress who swore to support the Constitution cannot also swear in a written oath to Grover Norquist and his non-elected Americans for Tax Reform that they refuse to raise taxes. Through this conflict of interest, Thurman asserts, they are breaking their oath of office and committing treason. Thurman urges Americans to call for the impeachment of those who refuse to renounce the Norquist pledge. Listen to his eloquent appeal:

THURMAN: Almost 95% of the congressmen and Republican senators have sworn a written oath to someone called Grover Norquist and an organization called Americans For Tax Reform that they will under no circumstances, and for no reason, raise taxes of any kind on anyone. And therefore they have taken an oath to an outside organization which was not supported by the U.S. Constitution – which gives Congress the right to levy taxes, to do the work of the people through the government – but this is a non-governmental organization, it is not elected by anybody, it is supported by big money people who are making money by not having to pay taxes. And these people have signed a sworn oath that contradicts their oath of office. And therefore, in fact, they do have mental reservations, and they do have purpose of evasion and they are not sincerely taking their oath of office. And if they persist in that, and if they are held to that pledge by this outside person who is not a member of the government, then they are, in fact, breaking their oath of office and they are not serving what they swore to serve the American people. ...It’s actually a kind of seditious oath, a treasonous oath. People who take that oath cannot actually serve in the government with good conscience, because their real role is to act as a mole to destroy the government; they are “starving the beast.


Michael The Molar Maven said...

Our elected officials must have all tools available at their disposable to address current realities. Anytime a representative refuses to consider an approproate course of action due to some politically driven pledge...well, I's day that comes dangerously close to one definition of treason.

Jeff Tone said...

It's outrageous that virtually an entire party has pledged allegiance to one individual instead of upholding the needs of a nation.