Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rachel Maddow: Blue States Turn Red Under GOP Gerrymandering

Republicans in Michigan control the governorship and both legislative houses, and they’re busy targeting abortion, unions and Shariah law. Yet voters in the state decisively supported President Obama over Mitt Romney, and more voters supported Democrats than Republicans in State House and Congressional elections. How, then, did the state end up with Republicans in control? Rachel Maddow explains that state Republicans have raised gerrymandering to an art form–and similar situations prevail in Wisconsin, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Republicans in these states are now considering gerrymandering to turn presidential elections their way. Watch:


stickler said...

Why not call their bluff and do away with the Electoral College altogether, and elect the president by popular vote?

It seems eminently unfair to allow a rigged, hybrid system that is designed to favor one party over another.

Jeff Tone said...

I agree, but that doesn't solve the problem of gerrymandering.