Sunday, December 16, 2012

Saturday Night At The Liberal Curmudgeon: Remembering Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar, sitar master and composer who introduced classical Indian music to the West, passed away on Tuesday. He was a major influence on George Harrison and on Western classical and jazz musicians. Shankar is shown above performing at the 1971 Madison Square Garden concert, organized by Harrison, to benefit the victims of war-torn Bangladesh. He also mesmerized the crowd with his performance at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. Shankar was the father of sitar virtuoso Anoushka Shankar and singer-songwriter Norah Jones. Listen to the tribute to Ravi Shankar on the music show St. James Infirmary, hosted by my good friend Dr. Michael Mand.


Michael The Molar Maven said...

Shankar displays a sarcastic sense of humor at the beginning. I'm sure it was an acknowledgement of the relative unfamiliarity of Indian music to the western music lover. It was certainly a tribute to our generation that his music gained appreciation through its greatness. I wonder if today's music buying public would accept music of a different culture today. I have my doubts. The music you offer here is as rivetting as it is beautiful. And,as you intimate, Anoushka carries on her father's legacy.

Jeff Tone said...

I believe there was an openness to different kinds of music in the 1960s that we haven't seen since. Shankar was certainly part of that.