Monday, December 31, 2012

"Silver Linings Playbook," Directed By David O. Russell

In "Silver Linings Playbook," directed by David O. Russell, the bipolar Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper) returns from eight months in a mental institution to the home of his parents Dolores (Jacki Weaver) and Pat Sr. (Robert DeNiro). Dolores assures Pat Sr., "It's all under control," but that's not quite true. Pat is inconsistent about taking his medication, and therefore still at the mercy of violent mood swings. At the same time, he's determined to see the "silver lining" in everything and to re-establish his relationship with his ex-wife Nikki. He meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a blunt yet vulnerable widow, at a dinner at a friend's home. Pat's struggles to find a direction are epitomized by the ties of the past represented by Nikki and his current relationship with Tiffany. The film strikes the right balance between poignancy and humor in its depiction of struggling, sympathetic characters.


Michael The Molar Maven said...

This would normally have been your typical movie storyline that has gotten so boring over the years if it were not for the sub-theme of mental disorder, which was addressed in such a sensitive and true-to-life manner as to, more than save the film, but to make it enjoyable, relevant and, in fact, one of the better movies I've seen in a long time. What a pleasant surprise for a movie cynic such as myself!

Jeff Tone said...

The mental disorder, of course, is central to the film.