Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flash Mob Cheers Spanish Unemployment Office With Beatles Song

Spain is undergoing an economic crisis with high unemployment, and The Guardian reports that austerity measures have depressed the country's fiscal situation further–as we've seen in Great Britain and elsewhere in Europe. Against this background, a flash mob of musicians brought cheer to those waiting in a Spanish unemployment office by performing The Beatles' "Here Comes The Sun." Watch:

We also recently viewed New Yorkers countering hate preacher Terry Jones with The Beatles' "All You Need Is Love."


Michael The Molar Maven said...

Seeing all the people suffering reminds me, as you point out the cruelty of austerity. The well-off, who obviously retain the power, are affected not at all by governmental measure to control deficits via elimination of what I consider to be essential services. That is, they are not affected initially. We will all suffer when there are too few consumers left to utilize the services and products produced by those so-called job creators. The quickest way to control deficits is to encourage employment and sometimes - most times - that involves government investment during economic slowdowns. It's really quite simple. But, as usual, I am preaching to the choir. To the subject at hand: this video shows the compassion that is in short supply today.

Jeff Tone said...

You are speaking about Keynesian economics, which Paul Krugman advocates. I agree with this common-sense fiscal policy.