Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Administration Memo Cites Legal Conditions For Killing U.S. Citizens

NBC obtained a Justice Department 16-page white paper containing the Obama administration legal team's justification for killing an American citizen who is a ranking member of Al Qaeda and poses an imminent threat, and whose capture is deemed not feasible. The memo features what the New York Times describes as an "elastic definition of 'imminent threat'" in terms of an ongoing, general engagement in terrorist activities aimed at the U.S. Further, the memo states that courts should neither review nor restrain the use of lethal force. Rachel Maddow finds that the legal team's justifications–along with Attorney General Eric Holder's vague responses at a press conference–raise more questions than they answer. A bipartisan group of Senators also wants access to the full legal opinions justifying "a high-level official" authorizing the killing of an American citizen, especially without judicial oversight. Watch:


Michael The Molar Maven said...

I have a serious problem with bypassing due process. I can't believe that more than 300 million people can be made so fearful of a handful of perceived enemies that the death penalty without a trial becomes the recommended remedy. Sometimes I feel that President Obama has gone a little too far to prove that he is tougher than thou.

Jeff Tone said...

The lack of judicial oversight has numerous troubling ramifications, as Maddow points out.